Friday , 18 January 2019


Polls agree: Americans don't like shutdown and they blame Trump

Six high-quality polls have been released this week touching on Trump, the shutdown, the Democrats in Congress and the wall. Most confirmed what we already knew from before the shutdown started: Opposition to a border wall is widespread and deep. But beyond that general opposition, the new polls offer some consistent results, including: Blame, in the public’s mind, rests largely …

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Escalating Trump-Pelosi clash may decide the fate of his presidency

President Donald Trump, in a fit of pique after his State of the Union address was put on ice, grounded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday hours before she was to jet off to Afghanistan on a government aircraft. The escalating cycle of one-upmanship risked leaving America’s two most powerful political leaders looking juvenile and oblivious as 800,000 government workers …

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2017 draft memo details early plans to separate migrant families

Sen. Jeff Merkley released a 2017 memo drafted by senior officials in the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice detailing the plans. “This memo really nails down the lies the administration was telling the public,” the Oregon Democrat told CNN. “The secretary of homeland security said that they did not have a policy of child separation. Well, …

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Nearly 400 migrants detained after crossing under fence into US

US Border Patrol officers stationed in the Yuma, Arizona, sector took about 375 migrants into custody on Monday after they had made it into the United States, one US official said, calling it an unusually large apprehension. It was not immediately clear if the migrants voluntarily surrendered to Border Patrol officials or if they were caught after attempting to evade …

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The Point: The odds of a shutdown compromise just hit a depressing new low

Witness Trump’s last-minute decision Thursday to cancel House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s planned trip to Afghanistan as a way to punish her for her request that he postpone his State of the Union speech until after the government is reopened. To be clear: Pelosi’s move, like Trump’s, was political. She wanted to drive home two things to the President: 1) Congress …

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Trump takes on border wall, acknowledges Syria blast in Pentagon speech

Trump began by offering condolences to the families of four Americans killed in Wednesday’s suicide blast in Syria — the first time he has acknowledged the attack since it happened. “I want to take a moment to express my deepest condolences to the families of the brave American heroes who laid down their lives yesterday in selfless service to our …

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