Friday , 18 January 2019

Advertise With Us

BAS Broadcasting offers many advertising and marketing opportunities to fit any budget.

Contact one of our radio marketing professionals to find out more information on how we can help your business thrive by advertising on 1450 AM WLEC.

Call our business office at 419/625-1010 to speak to an account executive, or click a name to send an email.


Adam Klein, COO/Director of SalesCLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

Doug Pearson, Director of Sales – CLICK HERE TO EMAIL

Pat Hugg, Account Executive – 419/908-0162 – CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

Mike Frey, Account Executive – 419/239-5952 – CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

Brian Liskai, Account Executive – 419/271-3299 – CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

Maria Shrock, Account Executive – 419/357-0238 – CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

Tom Anderson, Account Executive – 330/606-7181 – CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

Mary Jett,  Account Executive – 440/320-8899 – CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL

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