Monday , 21 May 2018
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Cleveland Indians Club Seat WINNER


We bet you’ll be surprised with the results!


The giveaway winner will be contacted by BAS Broadcasting/1450 AM WLEC personnel by 5:00 pm EST. on May 4th, 2018.


The winner recives 4 pack of Club Seats to the Cleveland Indians game against the Royals on Friday, May 11th AND a chance to sit in the Radio Booth for an inning! 

Our very own Troy Baumgartner will be heading down to Perkins High School to face the 90 mph pitching machine. He hasn’t played baseball since his Bellevue High School days, over 12 years ago, but he talks a big game!

If you can guess how many balls Troy will hit out of ten pitches, fair or foul, you will be the lucky winner of these fantastic prizes!

Tune-in to 1450 AM WLEC on Friday, May 4th between 6-10am for your chance to call-in with a guess between 0–10.  Mark Fogg will take the first three callers that are able to get through the phone-lines. The caller with the correct OR closest number of balls hit by Troy, wins!

The video of Troy’s ball-hitting pursuit will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and on this webpage around 10 am, after the call-ins, on May 4th.



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