Tuesday , 27 June 2017
‘Tis The Season!

‘Tis The Season!

Mayflies, also known as Canadian Soldiers.

In case you’re visiting the area and not familiar with them, they come around this time every year and group around streetlights and illuminated buildings around the lake shore.

They look creepy, but they don’t bite…or do anything for that matter.  They are basically fish food and their appearance is an indicator that the lake is clean.

Mayflies just hang on the walls and window screens and die within a day.

If there’s a lot of them under streetlights, beware because they can be very slippery, and it’s kind of like hitting your brakes on an icy road.

Oh, and they stink too.  Especially if there’s a whole bunch of them.


Credit the photo to: Nikki Adams, Port Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce.